A fresh look at your mind: Uncover your potential

We invite you to take a fresh look at how you are using your mind. Through this course we will show you how to understand yourself in a new way that allows you to flourish in your life.

We all have the potential to access deeper levels of clarity, well-being, and capability. We all have the ability to experience:

– More ease and enjoyment in our relationships
– Increased happiness and well-being
– Greater success in our careers

This online course is focused on the understanding we need to achieve these and to avoid the misunderstandings that get in our way. The first 2 lessons are completely free with no obligation so why not sign-up today and discover your natural potential for resilience, well-being, and clarity of thought.


About One Thought

The One Thought was founded to bring a new understanding of the mind to the mainstream. An understanding that allows individuals to discover a more natural potential for wellbeing, resilience and clarity. One Thought’s focus is working with businesses and organisations where higher levels of clarity fuel higher levels of performance and richer organisational cultures. It is an understanding that is also the key to richer relationships at home and at work.

The Course

This online course brings One Thought to your home or work and will allow you to explore the discoveries we teach at your own pace. Our online course takes the format of 9 lessons you will progress through. Each lesson has a main video that will advance your learning and plenty of supporting content that allows you to explore each lesson in more detail. The first two core lessons and a small selection of the supporting videos are available for you to try for free. We hope you enjoy them and perhaps sign up for the whole course.

One year's full access to the whole course for only £85

"I found out today I’ve been dismissed from my job and I’ve been in much more of a stable place because of the course, knowing that my mental experience isn't directly connected to my life circumstances. Talk about testing it out in real time! If I can have freedom of mind in this, I can have freedom of mind always! So again, truly, thanks."
"100% Recommend. Aaron's ability to articulate how we've been looking at life from the wrong perspective and the clarity of his explanations are rich, practical and backed up by real-life examples. I believe the content and framework quite literally has the power to change lives more significantly than any of the previous courses I have attended."
"As someone who has worked with Aaron and Lila in both a work and personal setting, I can not be more grateful for the space this has given me. Anyone looking for a new perspective on approaching life is going to love this."
"I’ve been waiting for this moment. A huge treat from the world authority (in my humble opinion) on this subject. This will no doubt be ideal for all those curious about how better to understand the component of state of mind and the role it plays in our lives. Can't wait to log on!"